Here's what you get
for being a 1 year member!

1)  You will receive personal videos of me in real-time how I do my caricatures. 

It is not done, but soon will be included.  

These videos will take the mystery out of how I draw caricature faces.

Yes, I agree I can talk till blue in the face but unless you see how I do what I do you won’t know where to start, etc.  

2)   As a yearly member you will be part of a private Facebook members only group.  

Here the videos will be located for your viewing pleasure. 

I will explain each tool I use and how I use it that the written word will not show.

3)   I will present caricature drawing lessons/exercises 

in an orderly manner, so you can progressively improve your skill.  Don’t you worry, it will be so tedious you will be able to do it in your sleep.  Lols!  

4)   On Facebook I will create another page for FAQ. (Frequently Asked Questions)  

I know you will have questions, a lot, and I am sure this will help give you answers you want.

5)   Line Value  ( a concept )

“What the heck is that, Frank?”

Simple, it means using thick and thin lines. OK, sound weird I hear you.  

I will go over it more in my membership.  And you thought just drawing caricatures was it.  This concept communicates with people. You will learn this by me, that will love your work. 


Another concept that I apply in my caricatures.  You may not be aware of yet when you look at my caricature faces, all you know it looks pleasing to your eyes. You will go away with this important concept that you will apply immediately.

Until I make you aware of it, you won’t know.

7)  Yearly Membership after the first year will be reduced to $50 a year 

for your continuing education.  My passion is to teach a marketable skill to you.  My wife says, what are you doing?  Don’t you wanna make money?  I do but I really do want you to succeed.  

Folks, to be honest, I’m 64 years old.  I got maybe 5 more years to do this.  I know there are people like you out there who would love to do this as a side profession.

I want to make it affordable so you can make “easy” money if you work at it.  The public is looking for someone who can do it. Let it be you!

8)  I will take the first 25 members!  

I am not sure I can teach the world, just a few at first. If interested please contact me below.  Not sure what Google will think.

9) And last but not the least. I want you to be clear about this.

You are not gonna learn to be a caricature artist that will have your works in a front page magazine or that will take hours to create.  This is not the place you will learn it.  This skill is geared for parties.  You will learn to perform this ability for parties, only. I do believe I will help you to develop this specific skill.  You may not get awards but only compliments from guests at parties.  Oh, and from the host that hire you.

This Membership page is not complete, my apology folks. I'm a perfectionist and I want it to be worth your investment.

Videos are coming soon!


Email me below and we can go over the details. I can’t wait to have you on board.  I would love to share my secrets with you and get you to market your new skill to the world.  Nah, better in your community, where you live.  I can feel they will love your skill as well.

Or call my cell @(808) 271-0592 Just call me if you any have questions! Like when am I gonna finish my videos! Geesh it's taking so long! You told us that several months ago! My patience is running out!!!!!!

Thank you - Frank Uratani