Curious, what do I charge for my services?

A father said to me, he's sending his daughter to an art school and would like his daughter to learn a skill like this on the side.

That gave me the idea to stick in this page for those who are asking this same question.

I say, "fair enough." Please read on.

Look at this photo above, it is the same place as the photo above it. See that line it starts from behind me and ends at that TV blue screen to the left of my poster on my table.

Was I nervous? 

Nah, are you kidding me?  It was like a stroll in the park.  Blood pressure?  130/75

After you take my “Yearly Membership” course, you will be able do it too!

Before I go into this profession and the skills needed to perform caricatures I like to give you why I do this.  For me, if you’re good at this, it can be profitable as you can see below.

I got paid $425 for 3 hours of work! See the photo above. 

OK, I do have expenses; $15 gas and paper/print/protective sheeting all under $20.  Total overhead expense $35. 

Also,  I charge, and get this, $150 an hour!  2 hours minimum. Additional hours $100 per,  ( I’m thinking of moving it up to $125 an hour) plus a “reserve date” fee of $25.

Most hosts ask for 2-3 hours on average. 


Optional service. Camera-setup, $125. 

” What is a “camera-setup, you ask?”

I bring to the party a camera, projector and or screen.  Caricatures are done under a camera that is projected onto a wall or a 6 ft. x 8 ft. screen for everyone to see. People can be 100 feet on the other side of the party room and still be engaged as they watch how the drawing  “come alive.”  If you can’t see that chances are you could be blind. Not sure but possible.

Add all these up with the options can make a pretty good take-home pay and that’s just for this celebration alone.

Can this side income buy groceries or pay off student loans and more?

Now tell me, do I really need to answer that???  Of course it will certainly help, don’t you think?