The items you see below are supplies I use to draw caricature faces. Each are necessary to do it the way I do it.

I find it works for me and I believe these tools will give you the results for you too!

Prismacolor - 14420 Ebony

This is my favorite pencil to do my caricatures with. It has a soft lead and dark, to produce what I want.

I use Prismacolor Ebony pencil to do the facial features and as I work my way up to the forehead. The E,E,N,F,C will come into play.

You follow me so far?  I will use the tools in the order I taught you. 

Are you ready? Here we go!

Lyra- 9B water soluble crayon

I use this crayon to do the hair portion on their head and because it is water soluble the Copic sketch can create a blending effect. Awesome stuff, I say! 

I next use the Lyra 9B Crayon and labelled water soluble. You will know why later. Please be clear to use 9B not 6B or lower. I want you to get 9B only!  Do I make it clear? I use this tool because it is the darkest and give contrast to the features.

Now for blondes that have a lighter hair value, there are ways to solve that and still use this 9B crayon. Ohh I almost forgot, remember the 70 years young woman I did? Well I made her a blonde, go back and look! That example I used the 9B water soluble crayon.

 I then will come back with my Prismacolor pencil  and work on the lips, cheeks and jaws.

The smudger a tool
that smears and creates
shadows, etc.

I like this tool because it creates depth and softness!  Read my steps below. I explain it in detail.

Important to note, do not use smudgers when using the Copic sketch, it will rip the paper fibers. Smudgers are used when dry.

Next, I pick up my smudger and do smear areas of the face like around the eyes, nose cheeks etc. Where do I load up my smudger with lead? 

I get it from taking it off from the renderings from the hair. Please follow me on this. Do not take the 9B crayon after I use the Copic tool.


Because it is wet and you don’t want your smudger to get wet.

If you get your smudger wet, forget it put it aside and use a new smudger because the smudger is just that, it smears the lead renderings that creates a shade. The smudger must be dry at all times. I hope we are clear about this.

You will know when it is wet. The smudger will drag because of the water and will even dig into the paper fiber. Not good.

Smudger is a very useful tool to use as long as you know what it’s used for and don’t get wet.

Now next, lets use the tool that “pulls” the caricature together the final tool!  Lets go up to the top of the next column over, scroll up please

Copic sketch

I call this the blender. It has a solution in the inside resorvoir, so please keep it away from your kids. Better to be around them when using this tool.  It also comes with nibs.

Copic sketch – Now this tool I like because it “pulls” everything together. Use the brush nib. Keep extra handy in case it breaks off.

It does happen and when it does you want a supply near you! Easy to replace.

When I use this rendering tool, I make the drawing come alive. It is almost if it has a 3 dimensional appearance. Pencils, smudgers and crayons cannot offer you. Know this, when you lay on this solution it blends the water-soluble crayon, making a nice effect.

Now you know why I ask you to buy the “Lyra 9B water soluble crayon. The Copic sketch  dissolves the crayon.

When you use this tool it is very fast. All you’re doing is going over the hair and other areas you feel will help the look. You can use it over the pencil lines to soften the look.  You can also use it for the jaws and neck areas.

An amazing tool, I say!

I want to mention about the solution for this tool. Copic would rather you buy theirs, to me it’s expensive. 

My suggestion, buy rubbing alcohol to replace their mixture, I find you get the same results and best of all saves you money.

In the supply section above I do mention getting the dispenser. It is to load up your pen reservoir when liquid drains out. Use this dispenser to load up alcohol.

Buy rubbing alcohol you can get it here on Amazon or at your favorite drug store or if you have it at hand use it.

I do want to mention if you’re having kids to try this tool please have an adult to supervise them. Thank you!


Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, it took slaves and accidents and mistakes and….and.

I know, I know that’s not how you say it, I made it up but you know what I mean. I’m trying to talk smart but it’s not working. I know you’re acting cool but laugh your y’know off out loud.

Just keep it down your neighbors can hear you!

Here I’m simply saying do practice and while at it please try to enjoy doing it. If you find yourself feeling down, take a break.

It ain’t gonna take a day to acquire this but the more you do it the better you will become.

This I will guarantee. Hang around long enough and you will get it. Albert Einstein said it, something like this anyway.


Well this is what it takes and if you go the whole 9 yards I promise you will love it!

Good things will be waiting for you!

So here’s to your fun and wonderful future of drawing caricatures for fun or profit!

Good luck my dear friend!  Now go join the membership!

Frank Uratani

Hawaii’s Best Caricature Artist!

Copic Marker Super Brush Nib

Supply yourself with these nibs in case your nib breaks. So nice you have backup because it sometimes happens at an inopportune time.

Ask me how I know this.

Copic- solution dispenser

When your Copic-sketch tool run out of solution, use this dispenser to fill your Copic -sketch reservoir. 

Paper I use to draw on.

I like this paper because of it’s surface. It is not smooth and lays down the Prismacolor pencil, nicely. 

This paper, to me, helps me to create shading and strong enough to handle the Copic sketch tool without warping the surface. Don’t use higher weight paper like a 110 and above, just too thin to handle my drawing tools.

An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists

This is optional for beginners who want to learn how to draw the human body. It won’t hurt to learn how the human body works and how the body moves, etc.

There are tons of books out there that can teach you about the body. 

The prices here on Amazon are pretty reasonable, I say.

Picture yourself confident and cool under pressure. I will get you ready for this. If you want to be.