My first post, while I’m listening to John Denver’s “Thank God I’m a Country Boy!”

Hi my friends, this is my first post. I’m not used to calling it a blog. Thank you’all for reading this post. Most of my friends her have been begging me to write something anything, well here it is. They say if you do your first one the rest will come a lot easier.

So far so good, seems to be flowing. Oh, OK I have something to share with you. For those who are thinking of leaving, please don’t do it. I’ve been here since November 2017, and sure I thought I could not do this. The lessons appeared too intimidating to me at the time. I’m not yet to that place near the horizon that I can say I’ve been there but looking back as of now, I have progressed somewhat beautifully. Of course nowhere close to that promise land but look where I have come from astounded me. No joke! I am not the same guy when I started.

How do I know this? I have a story to tell you folks! I bought a book titled, “Internet Riches” don’t know his name. That book was in the trunk of my car. Why do I want to share this story with you? Because I bought it just before I became a member here at WA. At the time I wanted to sell my passion to the world and I thought this book was “it” that would give me the needed info. To get me to create my website, after all this guy says he can help me.

During this time I searched the internet for someone or company that could guide me. I happen to come across a website by Brendan who convinced me WA was the place to be. He shared that WA will teach me the “How’s” and I joined. What convinced me was the reasonable price and the help I would get. So like a fool I thought I was and by the way it wasn’t the first, I became a member. Now that book I bought, remember?  I totally forgot about it.

I was totally consumed by the information of what to do to make a website, etc.

I have now created my website 90% completed and near done. What does it all mean to me? I am thankful that I continued and remember the book I had in the trunk of my car? Well I found it and remembered where I was back then.

What is all mean to me? That book was a reminder where I was. A person with absolutely no idea how to get started and look where I am! I am so grateful to Kyle and Carson for creating this platform.

What about that book I bought 6 months ago? What book?

Please share your thoughts my dear friends, I would love to hear from you!

Mahalo everyone!! Frank

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