what are templates you ask?

They are drawn copies of originals made up of themes that your guests can choose from. I happened to create 65 templates to choose from.
See poster on your right!

Please note it was this way of doing caricatures for me that rose me up to be the best caricature artist in Hawaii, that specializes in party celebrations and special events. 


I developed this idea one day when my friend approached me and asked if I could volunteer my caricatures for “Shriner’s Club of the Pacific.” This is where families with young kids have debilitating diseases such as cancer or other problems. They take in young families who cannot afford expensive medical care. 

I told my friend Robert Custino, Yes of course I’ll do it. He said, “But you got to draw fast! Should be faster than what it takes you to do one now.” 

I average about over 5 minutes per caricature.

Then he said something so profound it made me think. He said, Why don’t you do “Templates” of themes of anything. Print a bunch of copies like running, playing football, riding a bike, this way when you go in their hospital rooms you can draw them fast because they might feel sick or  uncomfortable give it to their parents and get the heck out of there fast!

 Now that was an awesome idea. 5 years into it, “TaDaah!” I am now with the use of templates have opened up lots of opportunities for me.

I cut my time drawing caricatures

by over 40%!  



"Your goal is accuracy, first and foremost and not speed. Speed will come naturally, trust me it will!"

Frank Uratani

The above poster is my actual poster I bring to parties. Very simply, you pick the one you like and I draw your features on top of it. Below are samples of how I do it. I have done 65 actually I have over 80 templates not seen on the poster. I either redid it or simply changed the theme.

They simply look at the poster choose one they like and I draw their faces on top of their chosen template.

Each can be done in under 3 minutes to some, clocked at 85 seconds, that’s 1.25 minutes per caricature, all because of these designed templates.

Is this marketable you ask? Yes, sure is! My bookings have increased by over 300% and counting. I should retire but having a time of my life. That’s why I want to share this skill with you. My mission is to teach and do fun-work like this until I kill over! Did I just say that! Erase, erase, dang this computer have no erase key!

Below are more samples of templates.

I will show you how I do templates on

"How to Draw Templates- continued."

I will show you step by step my approach.

Please press below,

That’s me drawing “them.”  The line continued from behind of me,  (see above photo) and continued to see that blue screen to the left of my poster on the table.  Ask me was I nervous?  Nah, I’ve done hundreds of these parties. Like I said before it’s all fun for me.  

I’m engaging with them to get them to relax.  Imagine you sitting there with a long line waiting to get their chance, that’s part of my job, too. 

See a caricature artist, like me, have multiple caps to wear; a psychiatrist, comedienne, cartoonist and a plastic surgeon. 

And you thought all we do is draw people.  Nope!

The poster above is so important to help market my caricatures.  Note on the last line I say, “And the Seniors 40 Years Younger!”

Now why is that?  Because if you observe the photos above, Notice, you see older adults are standing in line.  If I can please a wider range of age groups my market become much bigger.  Do you get it?  OK, I will explain.  Because I can make seniors look pretty and or handsome, a new avenue source is created.  Retirement parties!  Yup, seniors who are baby boomers make up a good portion of the population means more party demand.

I hope I got you excited why you “want to be a party cartoon artist.”