How to draw women, my way.

Before I go into drawing women, I have something to say about this subject.

I want to share my feelings about drawing women.  Play particular attention and master this skill. You go through my class on drawing her and you’re on your way. Please remember this, you can do the best caricatures in other areas but if you can’t do women great, you’re in deep trouble, in my books!

 Why?  Because 99% of all my hired gigs come from women.

That might not seem a big deal to you but be mindful they are your boss! Here’s another statistic in Frank’s log book of close to 40 years in this business.

Most party events I’m called for are from women.  Don’t know what your area or society celebrates but here in Hawaii it’s big and Mommies rule big time!

So here’s my spill to you. Do make all women beautiful and not sometimes. You make them sexy you name it. You do it!   You know what I mean, because they can ruin your career.

Do I make it clear? Say yes! OK I see most of you are nodding. Ohh no, I see one over yonder not believing my holy grail.


“Did you’all see that?  He ran out of the classroom!  COWARD!  Y’know that guy reminds me of me.  I was such a hard head…think I knew it all, but didn’t.  He will feel the pain I went through. Only wish his isn’t traumatic like mines.  It was bad.  I really do wish him well though.”

Remember, I’m paving the way for you on my short website. Everything you need is right here. These short “how-to’s” will get you started. Do you still need my guidance, you bet. Sharing concepts will not advance you. Concepts are only meant to get it into your brain cells. The actual “doing” is another thing.  Yes, when I do it, sure seems easy.  Most who for the first time do as I say will most likely stumble along.

Like that first basketball shot you made may not go into the basket, the first time. After oh about a few times more your hands and eyes will be able to shoot it into the basket.  Now get a coach who can observe what you are doing can speed up your progress.  Same with drawing, the tools maybe different but the skill sets are quite similar in nature. I can go on and on but you get it.

Concepts are just that, in your head. Experience is King!  Books are good but to make it real you got to do it to “just-know.”

Ok, I got that off my chest so let’s begin. Are you with me???

I found this picture on google search of a beautiful woman in her, I assume 70s. Now you didn’t expect me to pick a young woman did you?  I picked her because in this profession you will draw every gender and age level.  I wanted you to feel the responsibility I go through.

And you thought you only draw caricatures!  In between directions, I will share “the why’s” and the dynamics of what is going on around you. This is so important to your success, to be aware of what the party guess are thinking is important too!

I want you to imagine you’re at the party and this elderly person took every ounce of intestinal fortitude (guts) to ask for a caricature.


Because, her loved ones begged her to get one.

  I were doing this for years and I know their greatest fear, that I will draw them as they look.

 In her mind she sees herself as old. In the psychology world they call it “projection.”  What she is saying is, “I’m not young and beautiful anymore, please be merciful and do me good. Please, for my sake!” 

Now can you see why most seniors hesitate to get one, you heard it first.

I know you didn’t know did you!  C’mon answer me, own up!   OK no need to answer me just agree, there we go, that’s fine.

Now was that painful? Naah!

Sorry folks, I sure as heck will not embarrass ANY WOMAN, I want them going away feeling good about themselves. I am in the entertainment business, remember?  The last thing I want is the Host to glare at me for embarrassing her best friend or Mom. 

That’s a no, no in my line of business. If I want to stay busy I can’t make anyone upset, especially women.  

With that said, I will do a caricature in real time. I will do it right here and transform this lovely woman, 40 years younger as if she needs improvement. 

She’s beautiful already to me, but regardless of what I believe, my mission is to please her, period.

Watch and see how I do it.  Again remember those 5 letters I posted on the previous page?  It still applies here. I’ll repeat it for you!  See below Eyes (both), Eyebrows, Nose, Forehead (hair and ears included) and to round out the face; Cheeks (chin, lips and jaws).

Ready, here goes.

E, E, N, F, C

E (eyes)

I draw her eyes both left and right first. This will begin my sequence of drawings. Look closely, remember what I said about Gerard Butler’s eyes. I draw that dark black dot and surround it with a circle. The shade between the dark black dot and right edge of the circle, then I continue with the upper and lower eyelids.

Notice the pivot dot right above the eyelashes in her deep eye socket? Just for you I made it dark but I would do a tiny less visible dot and not like you see there. You will see it in the finish so just to remind you what I did.

 Again, the dot is there as a reference point to guide me to the next area  the eyebrows. I have enlarged the eyes so you can see that dot more clearly. As was said before, I use that dot to lead me to where the eyebrows begin. That pivot dot tells me on that line is the deep socket and her skull structure. Please understand I’m doing an estimate of where I will render in her eyebrows. This is not written in stone, I just have a feeling where I begin but it sure as heck helps to have that pivot dot there for me. It works for me and I believe it can help you big time. 

You actually won’t need to guess, your eyes will “zero-in” steer you to exactly where the eyebrows begin. Trust your eyes it is your best friend. So get this secret down that you can do it in your sleep.

That tiny little dot will separate you from the average cartoon artist. 


Because when you get it down, you will amaze yourself with the ease in which you were taught. Don’t agree, just believe it, thank you!

And you taught you needed talent to do this.

"It always seem impossible until it's done!"


"Being different isn't a bad thing. It means you're brave enough to be yourself!"

N (nose)

Drawing the nose, pay close attention to how the nose is drawn. Notice I did not connect the line from the top of the nose to the lower part.

Why did I do that?

I made “your eyes imagine” that that line is connected. You can call it special effects I call it a “line without a line.” 

I will show you lots of examples of this, later.

Oh, and notice that pivot line at the bottom of the nose. I had erased a bit of it but that dot is on the right side next to the nostrils, see it? 

Now on to the forehead. See that dot I placed way above the eyebrows?

The next drawing I will go up from the eyebrows on the left side and go slanted up and make a 60 degree turn to the right. I end it there to begin the hair.

Watch and observe how it’s done.

"The only source of knowledge is experience."


C (cheeks, lips, chin)

The cheeks, lip and chin pretty much rounds out the bottom half of this beautiful lady. I do want to mention when drawing this area it is critical. 

Please look at that line I made.

It is sort of angles. See it? Keep the lips and chin slightly to the right of her nose, any nose for that matter.

A good indicator is her nose cavity. Start her lips right under the nostrils and she will love you. 

I must admit about “reality” there maybe times you can’t help it. That person may have a severe overbite, etc.

 It will be your own judgment call on that.  My advice don’t embarrass him. It’ll be your call what I mean.

Be assured your priority is to make her beautiful or she’ll be waiting for you outside the party with a bat in her hand.  

Do practice getting good at this. Your time will not be wasted. I promise!

"Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it."


E (eyebrows)

If you look at the photo of her eyebrows you’ll notice there’s not much there, bless her heart. 

What I did was started her brow line from the left to right, but I continued very faintly down to the right. What I did was followed the ridge of where the eyebrows used to be. On the right eye (your left)

 Notice I drew the darkest part her eye pupil, make sure it’s parallel with the eye nearest you. Oh and I almost forgot, what I do on the right side do on the left eye. 

Keep in mind both pupils need to be identical but in perspective. 

If you haven’t notice the line away from her eyes is the bottom of her nose. It is to remind me that her nose should not go below that line.

Again it is all about where I guess where the bottom of the nose needs to be. I make adjustments if I have to.

Watch how I draw the nose. You can see the line I did but faintly. Look below

"If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely have the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning."


F (forehead,hair, ear)

At the end (top) I begin the hair. Notice when drawing hair I do parallel lines curved into the shape of the body of her hair. The photo showed her hair line go in a gradual up climb.

Focus on the outline of her hair near and around her ears. Make the shape is similar to her light skin.The shape of her hairline and skin border is important.

Bring the hair line to close to her eyes and the drawing won’t look similar to photo. 

“The best way to predict the future is to create it!”


Now if you were in your 70s and saw you at 42 years of age, how would you feel?

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  1. Your art is awesome!

    I love how you took the 70 year old woman and made her younger.

    You are great at your craft. Thanks for sharing. This seems difficult for a beginner. Is there a way this is taught for newbies?

    I would think you already need to know how to draw or be into cartooning to follow your teaching in this post.

    1. Jamie my dear friend, of course this is why I did this site to say anybody can do this. Talent is not a qualification. It’s a lie, to me. Ok people will say y’know, “I don’t believe you!” there’s better words to say the same thing but I won’t go there.  =) Anyways Jamie where was I ohh yeah, throughout my message I always repeat “practice” now that is a profound word for most. Why? Because it has always been a belief like a sacred cow never to question. I can tell you my dear, that is “SHIBAI” in Japanese it means…ohh dang another “I don’t believe you!”   

      So Jamie what I’m saying is a novice ohhh I forget yep YOU DO NEED SOMETHING please forgive me and that is EYES!   If you have eyes you can do this. Notice I don’t say “HOW TO DRAW.”  I do mention to use your eyes and then you can move the pencil anyway you like. There is no right or wrong way but you must “MOVE YOUR PENCIL.”  Now ain’t that almost zen like. 

      Anyways Jamie when I get my “y’know”  (another word for rump) going and complete this darn website please come back It will certainly be waiting for you, I promise!

      Mahalo Jamie you the bestest!

      Frank Uratani

  2. Wow, you’re good at what you do! Great sense of humour. I enjoyed learning about the steps you take when drawing a caricature. I was wondering though, do you usually use a set of special pencils? I think I may still have one of my old sets. Would be cool to try this out one day.

    1. Thank you Calista for the compliments I am humbled. I use prismacolor ebony pencils. It’s dark gray in color ohh about 6-8 inches long. Sharpen it and from the tip down I sand it down to make a dull tip.

      Just follow the “How I Draw & Secrets” forget who that star is. Focus your attention to the eyes Calista. Correction the eyes and eyebrows.  Maybe just do your family. Have them turn slightly to your left. Like the sample on my site. Work on the eyes and remember that pivot dot I taught you. Very important.

      It might not be a stroll in the park Calista but keep at it and you will see what I hope I mean. Then go do the nose, etc.  Goodluck pm me later on my profile we can talk …ok!??

      Frank   =)

  3. Hey there,
    You are very good at your at work! Lots of learning to do on drawing. I love to draw too. I am no where near as good as you, but i do love your work. great job! 🙂
    I think its great how you are making sure that everyone can realize that anyone can do it if they put there mind to it and put in some effort.

    1. Thank you Daniel, Yes that’s the message I’m trying to get across. I know for sure you got it and I thank you for noticing. People brainwash themselves. I know it will be hard for those who believe talent is only God given, I’m here to break all that “stuff” people have in the way. Clear the myth and they will surprise themselves. 

      How?   Well I’m here and I will prove to them.

      Anyways Daniel thanks for the compliments,  I appreciate it!

      And you love to draw that makes it more easy for you. Keep that desire in front of you. I had it and I’m glad I continued my desired goal and not quit.  

      Thanks Daniel your words means a lot to me!



  4. Hi,

    I think you have a great amount of talent! I couldn’t even bear to read all the tedious descriptions, it’s my own fault. I’m a senior, never could draw!

    I love your witty writing style, too. There is so much info packed in here, I’m sure that your explanations should reach a lot of people who like to draw. You DO have great systems for getting people’s features just right. And, you’re a good guy because you make old women feel good. What a nice boy – and a good artist, too. Just my opinion!

    1. Hi Sue, thank you soo very much for the lovely review. I’m so glad you’re a senior
      and can identify with my story about women. I’m so glad you loved it!

      Mahalo from Hawaii!


    2. Thank you my dear Sue, much appreciate your comments. Mahalo my dear friend!

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