Introducing Troy's grandson, Tobias!

Isn’t he a cutie! Grandpa loves to call him,”My little macho-grandson.” We will draw him as he fits our topic perfectly.

How to draw babies.

 Now we have a small problem with Tobias that this photo does not reveal and this goes with all babies. It is Universal. All Mommies in the world would agree.

They cannot stay still even for a nanosecond. Anything that catches their attention their heads go off to directions unknown.  They jerk around. They look up and down. I think for most caricature artist it is a problem.

You are saved!  I have the solution and here it is. 

This is another caricature secret.

Babies all have certain similar characteristics. No really they do, for example most babies have  fat cheeks, protruding foreheads and sunken noses. I say most!

Here is what I do, I focus on their eyes. (we go back to eyes again.) Observe their eyes and 

to make it stick in your mind’s eye. Do you see it in your head? I said visualize it, not to draw it not now.  Let your eyes observe it. This all take oh about a few seconds. Once you see it in your mind, go down on your paper and draw his/her eyes. Now combined with what you know most babies have; round cheeks, protruding foreheads; small noses, etc. you go about him, you should not need to look at him at this point going forward.

What you are doing is drawing from what babies have most in common. Do I need to repeat it again?  Yes correct, fat cheeks, protruding foreheads and sunken noses

In the meantime the live subject continues to look all over the place. You can go back and look at the real live subject but most of what you do will be futile. Most times you’ll see his back of his head.  No way to find likeness. 

But do draw the baby with large cheeks, protruding forehead, etc. All the while you’re not looking at him. It’s all about what you know babies have.  It works if you practice drawing baby’s this way. 

The benefits? You don’t need to keep following him to get the right angle to draw him. By doing, it as I coach you, the parents won’t even know how you did it so fast without looking at him.

This needs practice.

The above photo of Tobias can help you understand how most babies look. Below I will draw him but you know we are working with a photo. In real time we are drawing the real thing and you will have only seconds or glimpses of him in the right angle you started from.

We will do babies a little different, the sequence will be the same but the manner in which I do it will be different. Are you ready? Hello, I can’t hear you?  Whoaa, you don’t need to yell I heard you!

E, E, N, F, C

E (eyes)

Just before you start to draw this cutie’s eyes, really look at him. Now visualize in your mind’s eye his eyes and eyebrows. Now remember what you’re working with,

“a moving target.”

First relax!  No need to panic.

You have enough information in your head that will help draw this baby. As said you looked at his eyes and eyebrows, draw those features first. 

Now this part in particular must be mentioned. Look closely I did a rough on his nose. See it? I will explain later, why I did this. By the way, that rough on his nose took 1 second to do.  Yep no joke!

“If you can dream it you can do it!”




F (forehead, head and ear)

Like the previous subjects we go about it in somewhat the same way we draw up from Tobia’s right eyebrows the one farthest away from you and move up into his hairline. It extends over to the other side of the head and round and down to his ears and lobes.

This is important ok I want you to do it y’know drawing him while not looking at the photo. This will help you from the addiction of wanting to look at his head. Good luck you’ll probably be looking at the back of his head anyway. Hee hee.

So have confidence in yourself, just do it without looking at the photo, OK!???

In the long run you will benefit. Why, you ask?

Because, you will do it so fast even you will surprise yourself. 

 Next to round off the head. Cheeks, Chin, lips and jaws.

"Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm."


E (eyebrows)

This like the woman and man drawings are critical to your success for drawing Tobias.

Now before I draw his eyes I will place a dot as a reference for where I start his eyebrows. Notice I put a dot on the right side and decided it was the wrong place and redid it to the lower left. 

I changed it because from what I saw of the photo his eyebrows started lower and went up. See how I used the second dot as a better place to start rather than the dot on the right.

Do you see it?  Now with pencil I did an up and down shading of his eyebrows. You render as you see it. Not what you want to see. This is a big distinction folks. 

Again this is not talent. This is your eyes working hard, and your hand-pencil reporting on paper what your eyes see. 

This is what I’m talking about when I say it’s an acquired skill not talent.

By now, I hope that belief went out the window. Go you can do it, fling it out!

“Good job!” 

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing the best today.”


"Watch your thoughts; They become words. Watch your words: They become actions; Watch your actions; They become habits. Watch your habits; They become thoughts; Watch your thoughts; They become your destiny.


C (cheeks, lips, chin)

This is where we complete Tobias. We got the eyes that's what we know, right! This is where our memory of what most babies look like will be needed. Remember you are drawing from what you are taught by me. What did I say? By now, you already know what most babies have; Big cheeks, protruding foreheads and sunken noses.

OK, go and do it.

One area that I keep not mentioning. I don't talk about the lips. Baby lips can make or break a drawing- sometimes.

Here needs practice on your part. After drawing, a ton of babies lips you can do it in your sleep. Trust me you will, nothing to sweat over!

Tobias should take under 3 minutes to do. For beginners your focus is on accuracy not speed.  Speed will come with experience. When your “hand and mind are one” you will see the improvement in your work. 

What I’m saying is when you go beyond thinking what you’re drawing and let your eyes do the work, your hands will replicate what you see.

This is deep folks, ask me later when you have done a few hundred faces/heads.

I think at that point in your journey you won’t need to ask me.



Yours truly!