About Frank

Thank you for dropping in.  I do caricature drawings for parties in Hawaii and I can tell you  I love it.  The money is good . 

What I like most is the fun  I create as a caricature artist.

I make friends instantly.   Well not that fast, I still have to prove myself.  Put a caricature of them in their hands and “Wallah!”

Most folks “melt” when they get their hands on their caricature I created for them.

The laughs, ohh the laughs, feel like music to my ears, nothing can describe it.

Even Grandmas and Grandpas come alive, no pun intended.  This darn computer have no eraser, my reputation is shot!

One party I drew a 100 year old woman in a wheelchair.  I could tell she had dementia, no one’s home look.  When I completed her caricature, I handed it to her and she said,

“Wow!  That was fast!” and she smiled as she rolled away.

I was shocked!  My brain cells didn’t connect.  What did I just experienced?

That taught me a lesson to never assume anything.  Accept people the way they are and I will keep myself out of trouble.

That is the magic of this business there are always lessons to be learned when you least expect it.


Why the heck not???

Because there is no other skill, I conclude, that can make you laugh while doing it,  sit on your tush while you hand out paper thin card stock paper and you get paid pretty good money working a very short period. 

I want to share a personal secret, please don’t tell my wife I said this OK, thank you! I didn’t go into this business wanting to make money, I really wanted to “show-off” my work.  Yes folks you are looking at a conceited ham.

And you thought you would never think someone would admit it.

TaDaaHHHhh!  You found him. I am not proud.  I am so ashamed of myself and it pains me to admit it.

N O T   !



Hey you! Yeah you!  Who invited you in my “About Frank” page?  GET OUT!”


GGRRRrr!   I must put a lock on my computer, never know when thIs worm will sneak in again.

Ohhh, I am so mad!  Now I lost 4,322 hair follicles off my already bald head, GRRrr!  I hate that thing!

Now where was I?

Ohh yeah,  it is not exactly true.  I must come clean. 

Here are the real truths, no really!

Money was a motivating factor but it was not before I saw a need and I knew I had to work to make sure John Q. Public, YOU, would take notice.

LESSONS LEARNED – OHHH MY, THE PAIN, it won’t go away!

Back in the early 80s when I first started and a few parties into my career, I realized I didn’t know a thing about drawing caricatures.

Now that was a hard lesson to accept.

I thought I could draw, friends and family said I could but I had a major flaw.  I noticed all of my caricatures whether it were a man, woman and child, they all looked the same, hairy macho-males.

A woman at the party said, point her fingers up and down her drawing. 

“That thing you drew, that don’t look like me.  That look like a man!  Do I look like a man!???”

Yep, this was bad. I felt naked and want to hide under a rock.

Some did not say a word, their glaring eyes were enough to send chills up my spine.  My mind start to wonder whether she’ll be waiting outside the party with a bat in hand, loving to meet me.

I was deeply humbled and hurt.  “Talent,” was just a word.  I ate a good portion of humble pie and it didn’t taste good.

It was deeply painful for me to accept that, “I was full of it!”

Where do I start?  I had no one to tell me what I need to do.  I knew my strengths but I had more weaknesses than I could count.

I didn’t need Norman Vincent Peal’s positive thinking books.  Being positive was not the medicine I was looking for.

I had to polish my skills and fast.  Yes, I knew what I had to do.  So guess what I did?

You guessed right.

“Hey Joe, Kathy or Sam, I am a caricature artist!  May I draw you a caricature?  It’s all free.  I need the practice.”

Fast forward 30 plus years later, I am branded, “Best Caricature Artist in Honolulu.”  Don’t be fooled, I am nowhere near where I want to be even at age 64 years old.

Just a bit of history in case you want to know, it was just in the last 5 years have my business “took off.”  Doing parties in the past, I averaged oh 15-20 a year.  Now I average in the 60s a 300 % increase and growing exponentially. 

Why is that you ask?  Because, I do caricatures differently and that’s the way I like it to be.

I always believed I didn’t want to be the “same” as others. Yeah, I chose who I wanted to draw like, but I felt deep down inside me, I wanted to be different.  

Being same as others do not create uniqueness.

You will see it in my style/technique what ever you want to call it,

Who is my greatest competitor? 

Answer!  Myself.  I never believed in mediocrity and I knew I could “always” do better.

That’s the way I lived life and that’s the way I will approach teaching you, to be the best you can be!

Today will guide you to be an even better skill person tomorrow.  If you hold this value, I promise you will surprise yourself.

Be confident because I am on your side to support you! So be the best.  C’mon, It really is not that hard to do.


You can have a million of you and you can never saturate this market.

Why is that you ask???

Answer, there are so dang much babies being born and Mommies and Daddies will want to have you to do caricatures at their parties.  

Include the business sector, now you cannot forget them.

They want someone, with the skills here,  to entertain their employees at their annual events.


For some if may not be a smooth ride.  Others will “run” with this knowledge right here. 

I know coming in, everybody is different.

No one person is alike and everyone will progress at their own pace. 

That is a guarantee, I can give you and you can take that as a promise.


Remember what I said earlier that I had nowhere to go for help. It took me years to unlearn and learn the important things by myself and may I say it took


With my help and guidance, I believe, I can “leap-frog” you with skill and knowledge over me, and shorten your learning curve, at any level you are at, big time.

Did you get that?

I hear you mumbling, not sure you’re convinced.  That’s OK, you have your doubts.

I forgive you!

You do need one small quality, I ask of you and that is,

a simple “believe in yourself.”



You have me by your side, I had nobody.

I will never leave you hanging.  I got you here and I will let you go with the tools needed to be the best you can be.

I understand it, I live it, and you can be sure I will help you achieve it,  but only if you dearly want it. 

Again, let me be clear, only you can create your own destiny.



I know what it takes and it is up to you to bring this to fruition.

Take full responsibility for your own weaknesses and work at it until it’s no longer an issue for you!

Meet new challenges, “head-on.” Trust me you will have many!

Frustration happens. That’s part of the territory. 

Don’t need to get down on yourself, just know all of this is a “process” that leads to success.

Here it is, low hanging fruits just waiting for you to eat.



If you hold a job you can learn this online caricature lessons in your spare time, while eating your lunch.

Grab a piece of paper and a pencil and practice. You have absolutely no idea this simple exercise is doing to your skill sets going forward.

I am nodding my head with excitement for you. I mean it, too!

It is amazing just drawing eyes and brows, how much confidence you will gain. ( I’ll explain in detail on the next page, about what I just said about eyes and brows )

Plus, nobody to yell at you except me.

Ohh c’mon, I’m only kidding.  Geesh!



A tiny portion of our population, love to do this.

Yeah I know, I hear you saying,

“Not! There’s a lot of people I see at Amusement Parks that I see do caricatures!”

True, but be mindful we have over 4 billion people and counting. Do you see them on every street block, drawing people?

Nope, and why not?

This is my opinion, okay! So don’t go spreading rumors. Most, not all caricature artists think they’re “good-enough.”

What you say Frank? Yup, it is true to me.

Because this profession requires skill sets and being just OK, ain’t gonna cut it!  That’s why most who are not dedicated to excellence will drop by the way- side. 

Yes, it is true!

The public have eyes and they ain’t blind. Most might not know why it looks great, but they know when they see quality artwork. 

The bad part about people are  that they have a tendency to “compare” and that is not good to be just an OK caricature artist for parties. 

That’s why I want you to be the best you can be. Half-good is not enough. You not gonna last long in this business. For real!

So I want you to remember this, I am always trying to improve my skills, so guess what? I will relay my epiphanies with you as I learn something new you will benefit, too.

I am 64 and still learning as I do caricatures for parties.I will share new thoughts and ideas as soon as I learn it.




If you are really serious and would like to do this to make money or just a hobby that you think you can enjoy, join my yearly membership.

There are so much more to share with you that you need to learn.

I have created drawing lessons for you to get started, right after this “About Frank” page.

Now why is that, Frank?

Because if you think you wanna make this something you like to do then I know you want to learn more.  

See this skill requires discipline and tons of practice, if you enjoy my website, so far, then I know you will love what I have in my yearly membership!



There are 3 positive transforming dynamics that will happen to you. You cannot stop it so just accept it.

1, You will gain confidence in yourself. 2nd, your drawings will improve, at a geometric rate. 3rd, you will be confident when you talk with people. 

Not to worry, you won’t even notice what is happening, but I will. He he!

Trust me, it’ll be all good for you, I promise.

I have designed it that way so when that day comes and you’re ready to fly you will have the tools with you.

Also, you will be ready for your community and branded as a talented caricature artist and maybe a comical social butterfly!  Ha ha!



There is so much I can share with you.

You just might enjoy it plus, I’m a funny guy!  I will make you laugh or make you want to strangle my neck.  Either way i know I will have your fullest attention!  

All will be good!

I can’t wait to see how you turn out, really I do.  Make me proud!   You just might take this to a much higher level than I could imagine. 

I believe it will happen.

I have a feeling it just might be you. 


Thank you sooo much for coming by,

Frank Uratani

I performed at a Credit Union Annual membership meeting held at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel Ballroom with over 500 members present. 4/8/18

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  1. Hi Frank. you got a flippin awesome talent man. The one thing that I really admire about is what you said about the job.

    You said that the money is good but more important you said that you love doing it. I can hear the passion in your words and the results really do speak for itself.

    At the end of the day, I believe that you must love what you are doing. If you love what you doing, then the money must follow by the bucket loads.

    By the way, do you do online caricatures?

    1. Thank you Roopesh, I am humbled and honored you are aware of my passion.  Thanks for noticing that is shines through.  I do caricatures, on the last page under “Yearly Membership” on the sidebar hiding is. 

      Mahalo and Aloha my brother!

      Frank    =)

  2. Hey 1signbanner, your post rocks! Thanks for providing the knowledge needed to be a party cartoon artist.

    I can say that I cannot draw to save my life but I can also say that if and when the time comes that I am ready to try to make a profession out of it then I’m glad you’ll be there.

    Sometimes the hardest thing about learning something new is the instruction or a step by step pointing out what to do and what not to do.

    One thing puzzles me though, how do you know exactly how to start drawing like if you were going to draw a human, how would you start; I can’t even make a nose without it looking weird. Good job!

    1. R.J. thank you so much for your positive comments. I am honored and humbled.

      Yes, no getting around it practice is what  is needed my friend. And about, “How do I know how to draw a human. In my lessons you will notice I don’t mention drawing the body. What I want more is for the person to work on mastering the head. To draw the body etc will be in another website. I am here to provide the body. I call it pre drawn templates.  If you can master drawing the head I can provide the body. How’s dat! 

      Thanks R. J. for being there! I do appreciate your comments my friend!


  3. Hello once again Frank. I really enjoyed reading about you, it was great to learn about you. Caricature drawing is such an awesome skill!!! I remember when I was 17, I have met this Caricature artist, and she had drawn me, and it came out great!!! It was like looking into the mirror lls. I’m pretty sure that a lot of money comes your way, and you enjoy doing something you love, and making money for doing it. Your website looks good overall, and keep up the awesome work friend!!

    1. Thank you Ahmad for your review. When I saw you went to my “About Frank” page I said,
      “Yikes! I need to correct my grammar errors. Lols!” I am not proud but what the heck
      I must come clean and admit it. Thank you Ahmad I am humbled again by your more than
      fair review!

      Take care my brother! I will look at your profile and don’t be surprised you get a
      caricature of you from me!

      Frank =)

  4. I enjoyed so much your work you are a creative artist Frank I love painting myself as a pass time. Some say I am good at it but I don’t think I could make a living with it. I admire those that do you have a very special talent and I can see you don’t need encouragement.
    Thanks for your invite I totally enjoyed it. being humble is a great attribute
    Always a better way Linda

    1. Why thank you LInda, I do mean it. I am humbled with your compliments and I am so honored you dropped by! You are an artist, great! May I make a suggestion Linda, going forward to keep painting. I gave it up ohh about 6 years ago. I am 64 now. To compare me to what my caricatures were back then is like night and day.

      I knew to get better no one but me will improve on my weaknesses. So I got an epiphany Linda. I looked at my competition and said to myself (back then) “I will be the best I can be.”

      What did I do Linda? I called my neighbors and kids if I could draw them. Now after 100 zillion practices I can draw in my dreams. I am not bragging. This is a combination of drive, passion and science.

      SCIENCE? Frank why science, you ask Linda. Because if you’re thinking, eat and do the painting as you do,

      I PROMISE YOU WILL “ONLY” GET BETTER THAN YOU WAS YESTERDAY. This is what Albert Einstein would say “It’s physics, folks.” Hang around long enough Linda, YOU WILL GET GOOD.

      To me what happens is your mind and body become ONE. What I mean is you will know how to get better.
      Your “self” will astound you Linda. Rest assured people will start to take notice. How I know? This is exactly what has happened to me and to this day all of Hawaii, well a lot of people know who I am.

      Of course yelp.com helped put me on the map here in Hawaii. I know you can do this, if this lazy guy me can do it you can do. I promise, just believe in yourself. With this psychie that I shared with you above it will make yourself proud.

      I’m talking too much, this strong coffee making me buzz. Sorry!

      Mahalo and Aloha and thank you for that lovely compliment!


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