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Want to be a party cartoon artist? I can help!

What if I told you you can do it in 3 minutes or less?
For real! "No way!" Way. You bet you can! I will teach you how.

I performed at a Credit Union
annual membership meeting held at the
Sheraton Waikiki Hotel Ballroom,
here in Hawaii on the island of Oahu,
with over 500 members present.

April 8, 2018

You can learn this in your spare time!  Who the heck said to draw caricatures need talent, and need to go to art school?  Not me, nor did I go to art school, true!  Best of all this “nobody” can teach you right here.

 “Come again, now what did you say?”

It is true, and best of all it is



Pssst,.... wanna know what I make?

Look closely at the photo above, it is the same place as the photo above it. See that line it starts from behind me and ends at that TV blue screen to the left of my poster on my table.

Was I nervous? 

Naah, are you kidding?  It was like a stroll in the park.  Blood pressure?  130/75

After you take my “Yearly Membership” course, you will do it too!


Before I go into this profession and the skills needed to perform caricatures I like to give you why I do this.  For me, if you’re good at this, it can be profitable as you can see below.

I got paid $425 for 3 hours of work! See the photo above. 

OK, I do have expenses; $15 gas and paper/print/protective sheeting all under $20.  Total overhead expense $35. 

Also,  I charge, and get this, $150 an hour!  2 hours minimum. Additional hours $100 per,  ( I’m thinking of moving it up to $125 an hour) plus a “reserve date” fee of $25.

Most hosts ask for 2-3 hours on average. 



Optional service. Camera-setup, $125. 

” What is a “camera-setup, you ask?”

I bring to the party a camera, projector and or screen.  Caricatures are done under a camera that is projected onto a wall or a 6 ft. x 8 ft. screen for everyone to see. People can be 100 feet on the other side of the party room and still be engaged as they watch how the drawing  “come alive.”  If you can’t see that, chances are you could be blind. Not sure but possible.

Add all these up with the options and in a short time, can make a pretty good take-home pay, what do you think? 

I have a secret to tell you.  I come to parties to have fun.  No really, not kidding you.  The money is just gravy!  I love laughing with people when they receive my caricatures.  Go to “about Frank” I have a story to tell you.

Can this side income buy groceries or pay off student loans and more?

Now tell me, do I really need to answer that??? Heck, of course it will.  In just a few hours work you get a check or cash in an envelope.  You can use the money to buy a Big Mac at McDonald’s or hotdogs and a Big Gulp at a 7-Eleven store and still put the rest to good use in the bank.

If you take this skill seriously and as a business, something pretty cool will happen. If you are any good at drawing caricatures, (I will teach you.) added to that the fun and passion that comes with it, money will follow. 

Pssst, another secret. 

It is rare to see a person enjoy doing something that goes beyond receiving a paycheck.  The extra “service with a smile” attitude goes a long way. People see this in my opinion, with that I believe is why I get referrals.

Yes, it’s a funny phenomena.

No kidding, and people will follow you through word of mouth and social media such as  Yelp, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin. Twitter and Google+! 

Inquiries from potential clients will hit your email asking if you’re available on their special date. I am speaking from experience, as I speak.

You not only learn to draw but how I approach the business side, as if you're at the party with me and I share with you the subtle dynamics that's going on.

Lots to learn here!

You entered a website that is unusually different in that I jam packed it with secrets and techniques that anybody whether you’re a novice or seasoned professional can use immediately.

When you ready to make it a fun profession and be truly committed,  join my yearly members

Why do I even share my “secrets” before you become a member, you ask?

There are oodles more to learn. 

You will have more questions ahead of you if you pursue this valuable skill. 

What I share here are important to your success but, to me, there are little things you will know that will separate you from caricature artist out there not to mention caricature tutorial video not seen on this website.  Why?  Videos are more powerful than the written word.

You will also learn what to say and when. 

“WAIT! What the heck did you just say, Frank?  This has nothing to do with drawing caricatures?”

Oh, yes it does!

I will teach you what to say, when and why.

Just to let you know you’re an Entertainer, whether you like it or not.  Your job along with this skill is to deal with humans.  Y’know the people you draw!  What is most important is you want them relaxed.  You want to give them a fun experience so when they show it to your Boss who hired you,  you will look good. Do you get it???

You are marketing your business, yeah so true,  but mostly you are marketing YOU!  

There are things you need to say to them and that is included in my membership. I know, you’re saying, “I will learn what to say to them when that time comes.”  I hear that, fair enough.  But what I will share with you are the “reasons and whys” behind what to say.

You will find that party guests will separate you from the other caricature artist and will love and remember you.

Why is that a big deal?

Have you heard of “branding?  Powerful stuff!  People will come away remembering you as a talented person and most importantly a unique and awesome person. You want to be unique in the eyes of the public.

Want to know what I dearly want people to see me as?

I want them to remember me for who I am and THEN my caricature skills.  Funny ain’t it?  You would think my caricatures would be my front and center. 

Nope, sorry and please go to the back of the class.  

That, to me is what to sell first.  OK, enough of that “stuff.”  We can talk about that later. OMG, I’m talking too much, my apologies.

What if I told you all you need to learn here is to draw the head and you're good to go? Wha? So true!

Simple ain’t it!  No joke it is. I’m not kidding.  Get this “down” and you’re ready for the bright lights. I will be the one to tell you, you’re ready and not before of course.

There are more to it, but yeah, correct!

The body for now is not needed. I have solved that for you, for now.  All your focus is on the head and face. Well that is pretty much what my training is all about, drawing the head.  Have you ever heard of anybody who teach caricature drawing to specialize in the head only and the fastest way to do it, too? 

Remember the old movie, “Karate Kid” back in the 90s?  Pat Morita played the building maintenance manager at an apartment complex.  Ralph Machio played a teenager who want to learn Karate from Mr. Morita.  

Teacher Morita taught him what appeared to be a mundane exercise by having Ralph wash his car. “Wipe on, wipe off” was the mantra teacher Morita advised Ralph to remember and follow. 

Well, you are going to learn it somewhat a similar way and believe me it will work for you!

I could be wrong but as of now I don’t see any party caricature artist out in the internet universe that will share their secrets, until now.  

This skill, I will share with you is downright marketable. Get to near “my level” or close with my blessings and you can sell your skills to the public.  Next, time and more experience will polish your skills you learned from me and brand you a caricature party artist in your area.

Join my membership as a “yearly membership” I can further enhance your skills to where you will blaze your own professional caricature party business.

One more thing, 

what I charge to learn this skill is “hands-down” cheaper than if you go to a 4 year college in hopes you can pay off the loan. Not to mention you might not end up with the job in your field of knowledge.

With your college degree you will be able to push coffee at Starbucks, if you’re lucky.  I’m only being sarcastic, folks. But no really am I so way off?

For the cost of my yearly membership and a few months more, maybe, you can get back what you pay for here.  You get a trade/skill like an electrician that when understood you can make money.  Remember what I make?  Say 3 gigs and you paid your loan from Dad.  I know he’ll be very happy. 

OK, I said my peace, enough about money.

What is coming up on this website? Of course my “About Frank,” followed by a series of practices. 

The other pages while I teach you how I draw 3 subjects; man, woman and a baby, these subjects require practice and I will explain the importance of templates and I will expand on that subject with clarity so you can see the benefits.

So without further ado, please go over the pages ahead. I promise you will learn something.  Your journey begins now!

Thank you so much for coming!

Yes you read it right, I do most caricatures in 3 minutes or less and you can too!

It is true most of my caricatures take me under 3 minutes and 16 of them 85 seconds. 

What’s the big deal?

I will teach you to develop speed in this caricature tutorial website.  Why?

Because that person who will hire you want to get the most out of your service for the time they pay you for.  The more you do of their guests is what they want to get out of you.

AND on top of that, their guests don’t have to wait in a long line. They will have time to eat their cake and ice cream, too! 

Who needs this skilled artist, you ask? Funny you ask, now that’s a great question. You are so “on it!” 

Here below are the many uses.

Family Birthday Parties, Project Grads, Weddings, Wedding Anniversaries, Clubs, Retirements, Baby Showers, Graduations, Business Annual Get-together and the lists are forever!

In fact, I continue to be pleasantly surprised what people come up with. 

I will hope you will be good at this, because they will be waiting for you, too!

Now goodbye and go to the next page. I am waiting for you to share my secrets.  I promise you will learn something.

Below are videos and tons of samples of my caricatures as well as my graphic designed posters, I created.

Hope you like it! Mahalo for dropping by!

Want to specialize in this acquired skill?
I'm the guy who can help you!

Hear what some "happy-happy"
clients who hired me are saying.

Talk about a talented & wonderful artist! Not only was his work on point & magical, but he as a person, is a very genuine & caring of the nicest persons we have ever met! Thank you so much Frank for making our wedding one to remember! Everyone really enjoyed your company & their fabulous artistic pictures!
blossom j.
Ewa Beach, HI
"6/26/2017 Frank is amazing! We hired him for our wedding this past weekend at the Four Seasons Koolina. I was impressed by him from the moment I contacted him to inquire about his services and prices. He is the nicest guy and prices were great! Our guests loved and enjoyed his caricatures. Drawings were fantastic and he even provided clear plastic sheets to protect each one. Many went to see him more than once. He exceeded my expectations and added an awesome touch to our special day! I would highly recommend him! Thanks again Frank! Love - Michele and Gerard Peterson"
michelle g.
Waipahu, HI
"5/4/2016 We had a 1 yr birthday party for my grandson 2 weeks ago at the Oahu Veteran's Center. I wanted to have a caricature artist, so I checked on yelp and found Caricatures by Frank. He had good reviews so I reserved him for the party. He arrived about an hour before the start of the party to set up his station and noticed that we were still setting up the room. We were expecting additional help and found out that morning that they would not be able to help us. That left my 81 year old mom, my husband, and myself to set up the entire hall. He immediately asked me, "What can I do to help?" This is the first time we were meeting and he made a wonderful first impression. Not many hired vendors would offer their services that way.

When we had everything set up, he then went and set up his own station. When the party started, guests were immediately drawn to his table. His caricatures were awesome and guests could not stop talking about them. He is very personable and interacted well with everyone. I was very pleased and will definitely be using his services at parties I have in the future. Many guests asked me for his contact information. Thanks Uncle Frank! You are Awesome!"
Honolulu, HI

I would love to share my secrets
and techniques with you, and who better to learn
from than a person who walks the talk!

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  1. This looks like such a fun and cool idea! I was drawn to your colourful website and this looks like such a fun thing to do. I’ve had a caricature portrait drawing done of me when I was at the beach, but I’ve never tried drawing caricatures myself. I’m interested in giving it a go now!

    1. Joann, well what a refreshing comment. Thank you! Thinking about “doing” it? 

      Why don’t you? Y’know Joann if you even make it to “half-decent” you will amaze even yourself. I had no schooling but I wished I had someone like myself to coach me along. The time I took to get where I am would’ve been shortened half the time.  Skill is needed not talent. I believed I had talent but talent plays a small role. I had to acquire many things I can layout for you right now. At the time I had no idea nor direction as to where to go.  You have me. I had nobody. The difference you ask? Answer….BIGTIME difference.

      I am not thru with my mission and it is to make this site a “go-to” place for information. 

      Later I will make a membership for my coaching and direction. I will do a yearly fee that to me will be nominal.

      When I determine this everybody here will be notified. I will coach you and hopefully I will determine you are ready for the bright lights.  Notice my website and it’s colorful graphics etc. I too have advertising and design background, not just coaching you along. Remember you can be good at this, I did. 

      Did I start like you? Of course! Did I have more experience than you. I cannot really say I do. 

      Remember I had to start from scratch. Ground zero to where I am now.  The only advantage I have over you is that I had the “confidence,” that is all Joann. So what I had the confidence, I still had to learn from point zero.

      When I started I started where you will begin my dear friend. The only qualification you need are 2 sets of eyes.

      Do you have that?  This is the problem most people think they have. They see artistry as a “Sacred Cow.” What I mean is they convince themselves that they don’t go there unless they have an artistic talent.

      That is Bu//-s–t!  Mankind have the ability to brainwash themselves. Nobody needs to do it. They believe they cannot do it. I’m here to convince you if you can see you can do it.  Talent what is that!?  Talent comes with constant practice that transforms into habit. 

      If you go thru the lessons I provide and do for example eyes for 1 month….just eyes you will not only draw it but you can do it in your dreams.   Now does that take talent?  Nope, not for me.  Do enough eyes and eyebrows long enough pretty soon it will be like using the toilet.  No practice there you just do it.  

      Sorry that was a bad example but what I’m trying to say is there is no talent but enough practice to acquire the skill.

      Thank you Joann, you allowed me to vent my thoughts and I appreciate that!

      Mahalo from Hawaii!

      Frank   =)

  2. Hi Frank!

    You have an awesome gift there. Your work is beautiful. Blessings and much success to you.

    1. Why thank you Sharron, much appreciate it! God bless you too my friend!

  3. WOW Just really need to say you truly have a gift. Your work is amazing!!!!!!

    1. Why thank you Sarah. Nice to have compliments on my site I am humbled. Lots more work to do.



  4. I would love to hire you for my wedding that would be in i think 2020, and my sons next birthday which is in Nov. So please kit thank

    1. Thank you Sarah, but I don’t think we live on the same rock! =) I’m from Hawaii, where are you?

  5. Hi! Frank,
    I am so amazed to the works of your hands.You are such a professional and Skilled Caricature Artist. I will keep myself updated about your Membership Tutorial Service. I want to learn how to develop my Talent into a Skill that I can someday incorporate it to my own site. Awesome!I enjoyed reading your Articles and very informative. All the Best!

    1. Why thank you so much Shierly, I am humbled by your compliments. Yes please do keep update, good idea. I
      have been working on other areas but will get it up and running maybe not soon but I will do it. I still
      have some technical problems I need to work out.

      Thank you Shierly for your excitement. You can do this with a little discipline and direction. When you get
      to attain this skill you can even do parties like I do.

      Shierly keep in touch ok! You know where to find me. Just private message me if you have questions or problems.
      Right there is enough for you to get started get a prismacolor ebony pencil at a art supply store and start doing
      the exercises on my present website. Let me knwo how you doing by p.m. me!


  6. What a cool site and looks like a fun thing to do. I am a keen photographer and any art helps with improving photography.
    I’ll definitely look into this.
    Just wanted to say thanks first. 🙂

    1. Why thank you Lawrence

  7. I love your site. What a cool skill you have! Next time I am in Honolulu I will look you up! My husband and I plan to take our boys in near future.

    1. Why thank you Leah! I am humbled and honored you like it. Please look me up! Go check my website
      I have a page called “templates.” Pick the ones you like and I will draw you’all! Let me know ahead ok! You can write me
      here at WA. Aloha! Frank

  8. Hi Frank,

    My husband still LOVES the double caricature you did of us for your anniversary! I showed him the images of it on your site here! He thinks it is so cool! We both do! I am so excited you are starting this site! Good for you! It is so fun to think of you sharing this skill with others! I will have to send you more photos for more caricatures coming up. I just saw the baby one and though I need to send you a picture of our God daughter! We just became God parents last month and we are very excited!! She is SO cute.

    I can’t wait to see how your new site takes off! This is such a great idea!
    Mahalo from Alaska!

    1. Why thank you Jessica, meaning to let you know about my site. Sorry for such a late message back, been so busy lately! When I get a chance I would be honored to do your god child. As of now I’m swamped with things to do.

      Mahalo and Aloha my dear friend!


  9. Hi Frank, I believe God has given you this talent, make full use of it! If you makes much money, do not forget your parents and do a bit charity. Sorry for the advice, I wish you success!

    1. Thank you Joseph yes it is a God given talent. I have no doubt about that. And yes I do fundraising for my church and McDonald’s House here in Hawaii and many other organizations that love for me to volunteer my services.

      Thank you Joseph nice to be reminded who made me do this!


    2. Thank you Joseph, yes I agree he has, who else would give me this God Given Talent but my Father
      himself. I have no doubt about it Joseph and he said for me to share this with the world as you
      can see. He called me to do it. Sorta late in my life but my wife says, he did it for a reason.

      Thanks Joseph for the reminder!


  10. Your caricatures are great. You are a talented guy. This is one of the “fun” sites on the internet

    1. Thank you Tom I appreciate your comments! Mahalo!


  11. Your graphics are awesome! I probably should have expected that after seeing the first page. Is that your daughter on that page? She’s adorable whether she is or isn’t!
    The work you present and the manner in which you present it makes me smile and want to try it.
    It was an interesting journey going through “About Frank”. You’re obviously a little nuts……like that about a person!
    All in all, I think you made going through the info fun and informative. I think you’ll take this far………

    1. Laurel, thank you so much for that lovely review I am taken and humbled my dear friend.
      No she’s not my daughter but a family I drew over at Starbucks one day. the Mom was so happy
      she asked me to take a picture of her daughter and me. By the way Laurel the picture I’m holding
      is the Mom. The daughter’s pic is in her hands.

      Thank you so much for the review, now my head is so big I can’t get through my door! I have a problem! lols

      Mahalo Laurel!


  12. My friend your work is pretty amazing and yes it is a gift not going to school to learn this kind of work. You have done a marvelous job and I am sure that your readers will love what you are sharing you are sure to be very successful with a business. Keep up the good work and all the best to you have a good day.

    1. Thank you Norman, your compliment is a pleasure to hear. I am honored and humbled. Take are my friend and goodluck with your site too!
      Mahalo! Frank

  13. Hey… hey… hey, Frank! Absolutely awesome my friend… site, info, art… the package.

    As an ex-Air Force graphics artist (this is like long, long ago) and prior to that experience, I did a bit of caricature drawing (nothing like what you do though). I remember it being so much fun and fulfilling. People always enjoy a (well done) funny pic of themselves.
    You ***have to let me know when you do start coaching… even at 65 (well 66 is right around the corner) I am very interested in rekindling the fun & fulfilling feeling I always got from putting a smile on someone’s face (I mean their real face).

    Mahalo! My new WA friend.

    the only thing missing is a gravatar caricature of yourself for “your” comments’ replies

    1. Sam my friend, thanks for the compliment I am honored and humbled you enjoyed my site.
      So you want to be a member! Great! Sorry right now I’m working on my membership page. Almost done.

      In the meantime, Sam go and practice drawing the eyes and brows as I taught you. You’re a graphic artist
      in the Air Force, cool! I too had my own business as a graphic designer. We seem to parallel one another.
      hee hee…nice! Anyways, you have my blessings get yourself a prismacolor ebony pencil and draw your wife.
      put an angle on her like that of Gerard Butler and or the lady. Remember your goal is to make her pretty.

      The first time doing this of her please ask for forgiveness from her, lols! Not to worry Sam she can slap you around.
      You don’t have to tell me what she did. All is private! =) Sam but do practice this part. Get it down so you don’t think
      it anymore, just work on making it second nature. Why? Because when you get this part down and work on the other parts it will
      “come together.” Of course work on the other parts. Just for now practice the heads. Now I don’t know how good you are
      creating your own templates but if you want instant templates I have with me for purchase. $10 per template. To me it’s not
      expensive but you have to decide. If you can do templates more dang power to you my friend. Just you know I have it ready for you.

      Get the head down to perfection is your goal for now. Draw all 3. YOu can use my photos for practice. When you get tired like I said
      I’m sure you can some a Japanese fella or gal right outside your door. Trust me when I say this, there is a lot of Japanese where you live.
      lols! Btw my brother I’m Japanese, too! lols!

      We will keep in touch my brother, I promise. If you have any questions p.m. me right here on WA, ok! I’m easy to get a hold of.

      Your brother,


    2. Sam change your pencils to this, your nearest art supply store might have this, Cretacolor Monolith Woodless Pencil. I will remove Prismacolor pencil to this.

  14. great work! I always admire those who can draw in front of people. I have been an artist all my life but I love……….LOVE to work in the quiet of my studio! I have been suckered into teaching a few times and I hate it – so really admire your ability to work with others watching. I had to do that in art school in San Francisco, the studio spaces were set up with people walking by all the time and I never got used to it! love your work and how lucky to live in beautiful Hawaii!!! anyway, beautiful work!

    1. Corey, thank you so much for that lovely review, much appreciate it. Your comments have surely brightened my life.
      Much mahalos my dear friend!

      Frank =)

  15. Frank your work is amazing! And for you to brand yourself is even more amazing! I see you as becoming highly successful! Love your website! Keep up the great work!!


    1. Thank you Joyce I am blushing with delight! Mahalo my sister! I really appreciate your comments! Frank

  16. Hello Frank.
    You have some very nice artwork. Very bold yet creative and captive. You have done amazing work.

    1. Awww, thank you Melissa I do appreciate your comments. Much mahalos from Hawaii!


  17. Hey Frank,
    It’s me again Vicki I was here before and asked if you minded if I put a link to your site on mine well I have it up, thank you it is a privilege, I do so love your work, Best of Wishes to ya VickiG

    1. Vicki, I am honored you chose my site to put on yours. Go for it you
      have my blessings. Take care my dear friend and nice to meet with you again!


  18. Nice work FU. Your talents are shining through. Keep up the great work

    Your Pal

    1. Thank you, my brother! Nice to hear from you again! I am working on videos. Working on it and will get to it soon!


  19. Hi Frank, I could simply say that this is indeed an awesome talent! It’s so good to know that despite your busyness, you are still inspiring other people. You are unselfishly sharing your talent and creativity not only to those who have the same passion as yours but to others who just want to appreciate it as well. Cheers!

    1. Hi Joy! Thank yo so much for that lovely review. I am blushing. You certainly made my day. Yes, it’s time for
      me to share what I know. 64 years and counting my Dentist said I need to share this with the world, so here I am Joy!
      I am humbled you noticed it. I know, or at least I hope, I will reach someone out there in the universe you is looking
      for this skill.

      If I can find that one person who will take it to another level, I feel my life is complete.

      Thank again Joy!


  20. Hi Frank, well done website. Very creative and you are an excellent artist. You will certainly capture many customers with your site. Best Regards, George

    1. Wow! Thank you George, I appreciate that. You made my day “capture many customers.” I am working on
      my videos and will do a thorough job, hopefully, with “tons” of videos that will make it clear to
      the average viewer what to do.

      Mahalo and Aloha from Hawaii George!


  21. Kudos to you Frank, your site is indeed very entertaining and very well structured. It shows you’re on top of your work as a Skilled Caricature Artist. Well done. 🙂

    1. Sarah you are so kind, thank you very much for your review.
      Would you like to have a caricature of you. Thought I’d ask.
      You don’t have to come to Hawaii I can do you one. It would be
      an honor. I have one just for you Sarah. It would be a pleasure.

      Let me know!

      Aloha and Mahalo from Hawaii!

      frank =)

  22. Hello Frank,
    What a lovely website…I could feel your energy all the way through. It sounds absolutely FUN – your job…it seems ‘hard’ calling it a job…because it seems so much fun. You certainly have me thinking about your membership invitation. Thanks so much for showing me another option. Keep up the great job.
    Mahalo back atcha

    1. Thank you Michelle, glad you like it. Be my guest go over the pages, there are lots to
      learn. Mahalo for dropping in. I am honored and humbled you enjoyed the site.

  23. Hi Frank
    Your talent is in a different class.
    All you sketches have a classic touch to it.
    It is not just another cartoon character, you do something with it that makes it unique.
    Thank you for sharing your talent.
    Bush Lady

    1. Why thank you Stella, I am so so sorry I didn’t answer you in a timely manner.
      I have no excuse for this. Thank you so much for a lovely critique my dear friend.
      I does mean alot to me. Mahalo and Aloha from Hawaii my dear dear friend!


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